Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clearing cobwebs... cough... ;p

FUH!!... My blog is full of cobwebs, I just realized that I haven't blogged since last Eid'. Been really busy with life, work, business, family events, wedding events, hired events, corporate events, sports events, national events and lots more... and I just recently came back from a trip to Jakarta... Yes, haven't flew off for a while, matter of fact didn't fly off at all last year.

So I was covering an international sports event and a wedding last February, covering a corporate event just before I flew off to Jakarta to play softball in the 2nd Giants Cup 2010 and covering it as well. I'll try to post the photos in the future as I'm having problem uploading the photos to my multiply softball album and to flickr album as well. I do hope I can get them uploaded before next year, as I have lots more events to cover.

And when I returned from Jakarta, I was sick, doctor told me that my throat is infected, probably because of the HOT weather. I was given 2 days medical leave for me to rest and not infect others... lol... I start work Monday which is tomorrow and I know, loads of work will be waiting for me. I do look forward to it though. I might finish them all in record time, like I always do, 2 weeks. ;)

Well, I do hope everything turns out well. We'll have the National Sports Carnival coming up soon, and I'm surely gonna play and cover it as well. And probably a change in profession. ;)

I'm gonna go back to processing the wedding photos, uploading the Jakarta softball photos and the National Day photos. And I need to check, process and upload the photoshoot with Syazlie as well. That is a lot!!..


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