Friday, May 1, 2009

Fire Safety Awareness Training Day 3 - 15/04/09

3rd day of the Fire Safety Awareness Training. We started off with the morning runs then we played a game called, "Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu". In groups, we were blindfolded and asked to move around feeling with the back of our hands and feet. We were crawling, and had to put aside obstacles, holes and a makeshift tunnel.

a "make believe tunnel" with obstacle

going across a ditch after the tunnel

helping friends... this is important

crossng a ditch and entering a tunnel. More photos here.

Then we went to the classroom and was refreshed on how to evacuate building and rescuing during a fire.

rescuing a victim who can't walk

carrying a fainted victim. More photos here.

In the afternoon, we enter the smoke house. No simulation of fire and smoke but it was pitch dark and hot. It was like being in a sauna *after more than an hour, my shirt was soaked* and it was really dark, I can't even see my hands even when I put it in front of my eyes. So I was shooting blindly. The participants had to find their way out, using the techniques learnt from the blindfold drill in the morning.

the tunnel

happy to be out. More photos here.

Then we proceeded to the Fire evacuation and rescue drill. We were seperated into 2 groups and each floor has their own fire marshalls.

Fire Marshalls making a head count

1st floor Fire Marshall reporting to the Senior Fire Marshall.. 1 person missing

2nd floor reports to Senior Fire Marshall... also 1 person missing

Senior Fire Marshall reporting to Fire & Rescue personnel

2nd floor victim rescued

1st floor victim rescued

Mission accomplished. More photos here.

Then it was the Fire Extinguisher exercise. To know which fire extinguisher to use on which type of fire.

Powder type fire extinguisher to use on fire caused by oil

H2O/Water type fire extinguisher for fire on wood

CO2/Carbon Dioxide can also be used on fire caused by oil
More photos here.

At the end of the day we ended our training and it's time to say goodbye. So we gathered and had our group photo taken. It was tiring but it was really fun. I kinda miss running in the morning. lol...

More group photos here.

So on the 23rd of April, our batch and the 1st batch before us were called to RBRC to receive our fire safety certificate. Everybody gathered with the fire & rescue personnels and talked about our experiences, especially the funny ones... it was fun. We should do it again. ;)

the 1st and 2nd batch with the Fire & Rescue Personnel and senior managements of Royal Brunei Airlines outside RBRC. More photos of the certificate presentation ceremony and group photos here.


  1. Hello,

    My mom - Hajjah Sariza Haji Ishak from Penang, Malaysia is trying to locate your uncle, Haji Abdul Karim Bin Ahmad, father to Haji Zafiran, Andi Karmila Waty and 2 others.

    According to my mum, Uncle Haji Abdul Karim is our old family freind which has been long uncontactable and we are tying to locate him for her.

    Appreciate your help if you could let us have their email/phone number or address.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance and co-orporation.

  2. I love the pictures. It looks like such an informative, serious but fun day. I've recently been given training on how to use the different extinguishers such as Powder Fire Extinguisher as well as CO2 and Water.