Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Starting 2009, I will start using this site to blog again and I'll only post photos at my site.

I will start with New Year's eve. Was at uncle's house for a BBQ. Almost all of us gathered for the BBQ. It was a steamboat and BBQ cookout. It was awesome...

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Then went to Batu Marang for the 1st sunrise of 2009 with BFF members. Went there at 5am and it was still really dark. Thanks to BruneiEye for the directions. This is the HDR version and I was a bit disappointed as it was a sunless sunrise. :(

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After our sunrise outing, we went to eat at Jing Chew. Love the "Roti Kuning Cucur" their own version of French Toast and "Roti Kuning Kawin".

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I went to Empire to shoot the 1st sunset of 2009. This is the HDR version of it. I was disappointed for a 2nd time as yet again it was a sunless sunset.

So I ended up shooting the beach, the hotel, doing bracket shots for HDR and did light painting.

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After Empire I went back to my uncle's house for another BBQ. My other uncle brought Peytong *spelling* balls and started teaching how to play to my young cousins, and ended up all of us learning how to play. Reminded me of playing marbles when I was a kid.

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I wil post again soon. Cheers! ;)

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